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Effectively reach local markets

Brand Promotion

Are you a national group with an established brand that wants to market online at a local level? We have 29 local ShowMe community websites with display and advertorial marketing options that will position your brand professionally in front of a local audience. ShowMe puts quality first – which is how we have attracted over 14 million annual users, collectively.

With our ShowMe community websites you have various options to effectively reach local markets.

Brand Promotion

Online Display Banner Advertising

Display banners are graphic adverts that appear in designated areas of our ShowMe community website pages. Rates for this advertising method are quoted on cost per thousand (CPM) based on impressions. We only charge for adverts that are actually seen, so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Brand Promotion

Native Advertising (Advertorials)

Sponsored content which fits in to its editorial environment on ShowMe. It appears outside traditional advertising positions. Your article appears on all 31 or just specific ShowMe community websites, with links back to your business. You give us the info and we take it from there, including SEO.

Brand Promotion

Local Online Exposure

You may have local branches throughout South Africa that want more exposure than just being listed on your national website. You need an online presence for each branch that demonstrates a true “local flavour”. List services and information specific to individual branches and give them a platform to get more leads.