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Digital Streaming and IT Support Specialist (JB4414)

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Digital Streaming and IT Support Specialist (JB4414)

Digital Streaming and IT Support Specialist (JB4414)
Rosebank, Johannesburg
R15 000 – R20 000 per month
Duration: Permanent

We are seeking a skilled Digital Streaming and IT Support Specialist to manage and support our client’s streaming platform services. The ideal candidate will have experience in IT support, digital streaming services, and preferably come from the radio or broadcast industry. They will have a passion for delivering excellent technical assistance to our clients and ensuring the seamless operation of our client’s streaming services.

Minimum Requirements:
Prior experience in the radio industry or IT sector
Familiarity with audio streaming services and their integration with broadcast systems
Understanding of broadcast quality standards with a focus on audio equipment and best practices
Understanding of networking concepts for efficient diagnosis and resolution of connectivity issues
Proven track record in delivering exceptional remote and audio support to diverse clients
Strong problem-solving abilities and effective written and verbal communication skills
Proficiency in uptime monitoring systems and performance analysis
Meticulous approach to documentation and a commitment to continuous learning

Duties and Responsibilities:
Distribute and add new site streaming boxes to the platform
Create daily reports to monitor the status of players, providing real-time updates and addressing any offline issues
Initiate communication with stores and clients’ IT teams to resolve player offline issues promptly and ensure uninterrupted service
Report any issues raised by clients or errors on devices to the relevant department for swift resolution
Facilitate content changes on players, coordinating with appropriate teams to ensure seamless updates
Prepare weekend reports to ensure all data is captured accurately
Create detailed monthly reports identifying devices with issues for proactive measures
Maintain regular communication with clients, providing updates on player status and addressing concerns
Keep detailed records of monitoring activities, issue resolutions, and content changes
Resolve technical issues promptly to maintain uninterrupted operations and enhance user satisfaction
Ensure radio content meets broadcast quality standards
Maintain a comprehensive inventory of all assets
Offer technical support for recording/broadcast equipment, including outside broadcasts
Provide general in-house desktop support for software installations, hardware configurations, and IT inquiries

Please do not apply using Scanned CVs, no supporting documentation is required at this point, this will be requested later.

IMPORTANT: We specialize in specific niche fields. Regret that we are unable to provide assistance for any fields outside of this scope. Fields can be viewed on our website.

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