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Sourcing Account Manager (Medical Devices) (JB4385)

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Sourcing Account Manager (Medical Devices) (JB4385)

Sourcing Account Manager (Medical Devices) (JB4385)
Fully remote for applicants currently living in South Africa)
R30 000 per month
Duration: Independent Contractor

As a Sourcing Account Manager specializing in pre-owned Imaging & Diagnostics Equipment, you will play a pivotal role in our clients’ organization’s mission to provide cost-effective solutions to global Hospital Groups and medical facilities. Your responsibilities will encompass a wide range of activities, from market development and equipment evaluation to negotiation, logistics coordination, and market trend analysis. Additionally, you will collaborate with internal teams to ensure acquired equipment undergoes necessary refurbishment to meet quality standards, ultimately facilitating its resale to interested buyers.

Please note: Full remote office set up, with back up for loadshedding is non negotiable for this role.

Minimum Requirements:
Experience in the medical equipment industry or a strong understanding of Imaging and Diagnostics equipment markets is a plus.
Previous experience in a similar role will be advantageous.
Remote Office set up such as own laptop, phone and internet, and loadshedding back up, non negotiable.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Identify and cultivate relationships with global Hospital Groups and medical facilities nearing equipment replacements.
Utilize knowledge of the Imaging and Diagnostics market to assess the fair market value of target equipment. This includes considering factors like brand, model, age, functionality, and maintenance/service history.
Lead negotiations to secure the most favorable deals for purchasing equipment. This requires strong communication and negotiation skills to achieve commercially beneficial outcomes.
Ensure seamless equipment acquisition by coordinating logistics, disassembly (if necessary), and safe transportation.
Collaborate with internal teams to ensure acquired equipment undergoes necessary refurbishment to meet quality standards. Additionally, identify potential buyers and facilitate resale.
Stay informed of market trends for refurbished imaging and diagnostics equipment. Actively research market conditions, identify emerging technologies, and adjust strategies accordingly.
Ensure all acquisitions adhere to relevant regulations. Work closely with internal teams to navigate any necessary requirements.

Please do not apply using Scanned CVs, no supporting documentation is required at this point, this will be requested later.

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